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Plant Growth Regulators sprayed on the lawn will slow the growth of labeled turf species by up to 50 percent for up to four weeks. This can be important for those who are seeking a reduction in clipping collection or mowing frequency. With over half of the states in the U.S. passing laws against disposing of yard wastes in landfills, PGRs are gaining attention.

Discover the benefits of plant growth regulators

Improved Grass Health and Stress Relief: Grass growth requires a substantial amount of energy. As the grass enters the stresses of summer, energy reserves can be used up faster. Grass energy can be kept in reserve by slowing grass growth at least a month before the peak summer stress period begins. The energy stays in the roots instead of being used for growth, stalk and seed production. As a result, the grass will be able to handle stress and disease pressures better. 

Reduced Trimming and Edging: A plant growth regulator sprayed round the base of trees, along sidewalks and driveway edges, along planter edges, etc., will slow grass and runner growth. This can be especially helpful for warm season grasses that spread by the production of stolons. Stolons are the above ground runners that readily challenge any boundary or border. Although they will not prevent the production of stolons, they can greatly slow them down. Some plant growth regulators are also labeled for ornamental trees

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